About Cavachon

About This Breed

Dog Group: Miscellaneous (Designer)
Size: 9-18 inches tall, 12-25 lbs
Lifespan: 13-18 years
Energy Level: Medium
Coat: Fluffy, thick, and often curly
Shedding: Light
Hypoallergenic: Semi

History: The Cavachon is an appealing combination of its two parent breeds: the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise. It’s difficult to determine exactly when the Cavachon originated, but designer breeders in North America began intentionally mixing Cavaliers and Bichons around 1996. The goal in breeding these two dogs was to combine the best traits of the Cavalier King Charles and Bichon Frise into one lovable companion dog. The result was the Cavachon, and the breed quickly became more popular and in-demand. Today, the Cavachon is recognized by the American Canine Association (ACA), the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), and multiple other dog clubs for designer and hybrid breeds.

Temperament: The Cavachon is a friendly, loving, gentle breed that’s very good with children, making it a great choice for families. Aside from children, Cavachons are accepting of just about everyone, including strangers and other dogs. Cavachons are social butterflies, and it’s rare for them to turn down the chance to meet someone new, whether human or animal. While not overly energetic, Cavachons thrive on playtime and enjoy short walks daily. These dogs are not very difficult to train due to their intelligence and willingness to please, so they are a good choice for first-time or novice dog owners. Typically, Cavachons respond best to reward-based training and positive reinforcement. All things considered, the Cavachon makes a great companion for families, couples, and one-person households alike.